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2022 Utah Senate Election image

2022 Utah Senate Election

News coverage of the Utah Senate election. See the race between Mike Lee, polling at 42%, and Evan McMullin, polling at 30%. Mike Lee has been the Senator from Utah since 2010. See their news, bias in the media coverage and more in our Utah election page. See other states and more information on our 2022 U.S. Senate page.

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News Diet Breakdown

Data analyzed by Ground News from Twitter
Center: 45%
Right: 44%
45% of the news @SenMikeLee interacts with on Twitter is Centrist
Evan McMullin Polls: 30% Sample: 7,421Percentage of News: 1%

News Diet Breakdown

Data analyzed by Ground News from Twitter
Left: 73%
73% of the news @EvanMcMullin interacts with on Twitter Leans Left

Coverage Breakdown

Coverage Breakdown is based on the number of articles published per candidate.

Mike Lee
Evan McMullin

Top 2022 Utah Senate Election News

Supreme Court draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade signals new phase of fractious American politics with vast implications
US & Canada · Washington

Supreme Court draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade signals new phase of fractious American politics with vast implications

50% Left coverage: 56 sources
The dramatic reversal would immediately result in the criminalization of abortion in Alabama as well as many other southern and midwestern states. Alabama passed one of the toughest abortion laws in the country in 2019, making it a Class A felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison to perform an abortion at any stage of pregnancy.See the Story
Released text messages show Utah Senator Mike Lee worked to overturn 2020 presidential election
Europe · Washington

Released text messages show Utah Senator Mike Lee worked to overturn 2020 presidential election

48% Center coverage: 21 sources
Newly released text messages show Sen. Mike Lee was advising and assisting former President Donald Trump. Lee was aware of a legally dubious strategy to have then-Vice President Mike Pence throw out Electoral College votes. The texts trace how Lee went from being a fierce advocate for Trump's efforts to warning the White House that the scheme could backfire.See the Story
New texts show two GOP lawmakers offered advice to Trump’s team on challenging election
US & Canada · Washington

New texts show two GOP lawmakers offered advice to Trump’s team on challenging election

65% Left coverage: 17 sources
Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Rep. Chip Roy of Texas went from encouraging the White House efforts to overturn the results to ultimately warning about the consequences. The texts, starting right after the election and going through early January 2021, are now in the possession of the House select committee.See the Story

Latest 2022 Utah Senate Election News

US & Canada · Utah

Sen. Mike Lee brushes off opponents to win Utah GOP primary

59% Center coverage: 12 sources
Lee defeated former state lawmaker Becky Edwards and political operative Ally Isom. They tried to frame Lee as a divisive politician who cares less about governing than he does television appearances and his allegiance to Trump. Lee will face off against independent candidate Evan McMullin who in 2016 received more than one-fifth of the states presidential vote in Utah.See the Story
US & Canada · Utah

Utah Sen. Mike Lee braces for toughest reelection fight yet

57% Center coverage: 7 sources
Republican Sen. Mike Lee faces two GOP challengers and a newly empowered independent. The contest is shaping up to be his toughest reelection campaign yet. Newly released text messages raise questions about his early involvement in efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. The texts show Lee promoted legally dubious schemes to keep then-President Trump in power.See the Story
Donald Trump · Washington

Mike Lee Breaks Silence on Texts to Mark Meadows

43% Right coverage: 7 sources
Last week, a slew of text messages were released showing Utah Senator Mike Lee discussing efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. According to CNN, Lee exchanged texts messages with both Mark Meadows, who was Trump's White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Representative Chip Roy from Texas. The texts had never been seen by the public before this report.See the Story

EXPLAINER-Roe v Wade: Is gay marriage at risk after U.S. Supreme Court leak?

50% Left coverage: 6 sources
Leaked U.S. Supreme Court opinion suggests justices are poised to overturn abortion rights. If finalized, the opinion would strike down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case. LGBTQ+ advocacy groups fear that same-sex marriage could also be at risk. Trump court appointees likely to hold balance in any case.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

READ: Mark Meadows' texts with Mike Lee and Chip Roy

100% Left coverage: 4 sources
A new report reveals text messages between Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows. The pair discussed how to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Lee suggested that if enough state legislatures were to nullify the results, then-President Donald Trump could defeat Joe Biden.See the Story
Mike Lee · Utah

Utah Democrats vote to support independent Evan McMullin over a Democratic candidate in push to defeat GOP Sen. Mike Lee

67% Left coverage: 3 sources
Utah Democrats on Saturday voted to support independent candidate Evan McMullin for Senate. The move is part of an effort to create momentum to oust Republican Sen. Mike Lee from office in November. Lee on Saturday won the support of roughly 75 percent of the delegates at the Republican convention.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Senators only given moments to read gun bill before voting on it: Sen Mike Lee

100% Right coverage: 4 sources
Sen. Mike Lee discusses with "The Ingraham Angle" the 14 Republican senators who advanced a gun control bill, reportedly with limited time to read through the contents.See the Story
Donald Trump

Lee Won’t Answer Questions About Overturning Election

67% Left coverage: 3 sources
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) “again refused to answer questions from reporters about text messages showing his efforts to assist former President Donald Trump’s efforts to undo his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election,” the Salt Lake Tribune reports.“Lee twice brushed past reporters who attempted to ask him about the contradiction between Lee’s public statements and his behind-the-scenes maneuvering.See the Story
U.S. Senate · Utah

How bad do Utah Democrats want Mike Lee out? Bad enough to ditch their own nominee and back Evan McMullin instead

100% Right coverage: 3 sources
The Utah Democratic Party saw no shortage of drama during its state convention on Saturday. A faction of delegates put forth a motion to opt against choosing a Democratic U.S. Senate nominee and instead back independent candidate Evan McMullin. Despite several failed maneuvers from Democratic candidate Kael Weston's supporters to block it from coming to a vote, the motion to back McMull in won with 782 votes to 594 votes.See the Story
Evan McMullin · Utah

Evan McMullin Is Not A Democrat. Utah Democrats Are Supporting His Senate Campaign Anyway.

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Evan McMullin is a conservative running for U.S. Senate in Utah with the backing of the state's Democratic Party. Democrats have thrown their support behind the former Republican to try and oust Sen. Mike Lee. Lee is an ally of former President Donald Trump who tried to help Trump overturn the 2020 election results. In this video, we look at whether his coalition of Democrats, anti-Trump Republicans and independents can actually bring him to Washington, D.C.See the Story
Mike Lee

Letter: Mike Lee is either a lousy constitutional lawyer or a liar

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
There is only one slate of presidential electors from each state. The laws of 48 of 50 states require each political party to nominate its slate of electors. The state then sends to the Electoral College the slate of the party whose presidential candidate wins the most votes. The job of the electors ends in mid-December when the Electoral Council meets and elects the next president.See the Story
Mike Lee · Park City

Sen. Mike Lee, incumbent congressmen lead field in Summit County, Park City School Board contest extremely tight

Lee received nearly 61% of the statewide vote, well ahead of the just less than 31% tallied by Becky Edwards. Lee also led the field in Summit County, where he received 1,968 votes. In the 1st Congressional District, incumbent Rep. Blake Moore led by a wide margin as he seeks the nomination.See the Story
Mike Lee

‘They made the choice for freedom’: Sen. Mike Lee celebrates GOP primary win over Edwards and Isom

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Sen. Mike Lee has won the Utah GOP U.S. Senate nomination for the third time. He defeated Republicans Becky Edwards and Ally Isom. Edwards and Isom had a very narrow window of opportunity on Tuesday evening if they hoped to pull the upset over Lee. That path never materialized. Lee won every county that reported election results on Tuesday night.See the Story

Media Bias Breakdown

How is the media covering 2022 Utah Senate Election?

2022 Utah Senate Election often is covered by Left Media sources.
Left: 49%
Right: 39%

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