The Bias Bar is a visual tool that highlights how any news story is being covered by outlets across the political spectrum.

Not all sources report on stories equally.The Bias Bar puts news coverage in context, making it easy to spot media narratives and get a birds-eye-view of how sources are reporting on a story from across the political spectrum.
Quickly see how bias impacts any news story.At a glance, the Bias Bar allows you to discover what stories are receiving balanced coverage from across the political spectrum – and those that are being disproportionally covered by one side or the other.
Ground News uses ratings from three independent third parties to assess the bias of news outlets and places them on a scale.
The blue, white, and red segments on the bar reflect the colors typically associated with political parties in the U.S. The colors will flip if you select an edition outside of the U.S.
The letters on the bar correspond to the sources’ bias ratings.

L= Left
C = Center
R = Right

The percentages on the bar are calculated based on the number of bias-rated sources reporting on the story.
The distribution chart shows you all the sources reporting on the story and where they fall on the political spectrum.

Compare and contrast different perspectives by clicking the source icons to read their coverage of the issue.
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What can I learn from the Bias Bar?
01Identify important issues on each side.A skewed Bias Bar can indicate that one side of the spectrum is reporting on a story because it’s important to their readers.
02See what’s not being covered.A skewed Bias Bar can also indicate that one side of the spectrum is omitting a story because it runs counter to the worldview of their readers.
03Diversify your media diet.Use the Bias Bar as a tool to identify trends and engage with news outside your comfort zone to develop a better understanding of the media landscape.
See the Full BreakdownThe default Bias Rating is the average rating that a source receives from 3 independent organizations. To see the breakdown of bias ratings, go to the profile page of the news publisher in Ground News – just search for the publisher’s name and tap or click into their page.
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