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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin: HERE he is said to be hiding his lover Alina Kabaeva and his four children

According to a recent media report, Vladimir Putin has hidden his lover Alina Kabaeva and their four children in a secure chalet in Switzerland. For years, Putin has been said to have an affair with the ex-gymnast.See the Story

Gilles Verdez: His fiancée Fatou flirted with by a famous singer, the annoyed columnist

Gilles Verdez should soon pass the ring on the finger of Fatou, his long-time sweetheart. This beautiful event, however, could never have happened to believe the words of the columnist on the set ofSee the Story
France · France

Funeral of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Brigitte Macron, Carla and Nicolas Sarkozy ... Reunited in emotion

The disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pernaut on March 2, 2022 caused a wave of excitement throughout France, given the immense popularity of the king of 1 p.m. TF1. The political class paid tribute to thisSee the Story

Death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Claire Chazal, Arthur, Jean-Pierre Foucault ... the stars of TF1 moved, react

The announcement of Jean-Pierre Pernaut's death on Wednesday March 2 upset his fans and all those who knew him. The stars of TF1, current or past, have multiplied the tributes to the journalist. ESee the Story

Florent Pagny: Pretty photos of his children reappear for a very special day

Florent Pagny has two children whose appearances are rare. But on this Tuesday, March 8, the day of the 26th birthday of his eldest son Inca, his daughter Aël brought out old childhood clichés that please vSee the Story

Apolline de Malherbe: big laughter on set after a naughty allusion, the BFMTV star dared!

This Monday, March 21, the good mood was there on the set of RMC. Facing the camera, Apolline de Malherbe entertained the gallery with a shock sentence that is worth the detour. Laughter guaranteed!See the Story

Le rappeur Nekfeu repéré dans les rangs de Jean-Luc Mélenchon : soutien inattendu et buzz !

Alors qu'il avait disparu de la circulation, Nekfeu refait petit à petit des apparitions remarquées notamment lors d'un meeting de Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Un soutien qui a eu le don de retourner la Toile.See the Story

Laura Smet disappeared from the radar: she announces great news for her return after 8 months

Eight months after announcing her break from social networks, Laura Smet made a very noticeable return to Instagram this Monday, March 21, 2022. Moreover, Johnny Hallyday's daughter returned with good news as a bonus.See the Story
Emmanuel Macron

Jean-Luc Melenchon: this skid with a puppet bearing the effigy of Emmanuel Macron which shocks the web!

This Sunday, March 20, the candidate of La France Insoumise for the 2022 presidential election, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, organized "the March for the 6th Republic". A rally that sparked controversy after supporters had fun with a puppet of Emmanuel Macron.See the Story

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