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Turkey · Turkey

MSB: One soldier was martyred in the area of Operation Claw Lock

MSB: One soldier was martyred in the area of Operation Claw LockSee the Story

New speed limit implementation on highways starts tomorrow

Speed limits were increased in the article sent to 81 provincial governorates with the signature of SoyluSee the Story
Turkey · Turkey

Minister Bekir Bozdağ announces! 1500 candidates for judges and prosecutors to be taken

1500 candidates for judges and prosecutors will be taken... Minister Bekir Bozdağ announced the news. The history of the exam was also evidentSee the Story

It was clear what time the minimum wage will be announced today in July 2022 hike Erdogan will announce

Today, the new minimum wage will be announced, which will be valid as of July 1, 2022. The hour has become clear when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will announce the new minimum wage. Erdogan will announce the new minimum wage at 16:00. Turkish-business at the Minimum Wage Commission said, “Do not fall below 6 thousand 391 liras.See the Story

President Erdogan speaks

President Erdogan answers journalists' questions after Friday prayers.See the Story
Spain · Spain

Jan Vesely signed 3-year contract

Spain's Barcelona club has signed a 3-year contract with 32-year-old Czech pivot Jan Vesely, who has been in uniform for 8 seasons in Livergarden.See the Story

Imam Hatip Abdullah Tarık Silver from LGS first announced his goal

Abdullah Tarık Güş, one of 12 imam orator students who scored 500 full points in the central exam under the High School Transition System (LGS) conducted by the Ministry of National Education (MEB), aims for the future designated as a professor of mathematics.See the Story
Erdogan · Turkey

President Erdogan: A great diplomatic victory for Turkey! I approve of the murder of women

Flash release from President Erdogan, who answered journalists' questions after the NATO Leaders Summit. Stating that the agreement signed with Sweden and Finland was a diplomatic victory, Erdogan said he would approve the death penalty if Parliament decided. Erdogan's comments on preparations for a new campaign in Syria, his talks with Biden and minimum wage issues.See the Story

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