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“Own goal”: Government resolution replacing Cabinet of “First Lady” by Irina Karamanos pulls hives

The criticisms are completely cross-cutting.See the Story
Secretary of State

Pamela Jiles: “Minister Mario Marcel is primarily responsible for domestic inflation”

The deputy accused the head of the Treasury and former president of the Central Bank of issuing “millions of banknotes for liquidity of her friends AFP”.See the Story

Disaster in the Convention: Plenary completely rejects the second Environment Report

Text with 52 articles did not achieve general approval and returned to the Commission.See the Story
Americas · Chile

Encapuchados lanzan molotov y botellas de vidrios a carabineros desde Liceo Barros Borgoño

Here the webeo has to end: Don't you want to study? Perfect, they have to be expelled. Are they burning microphones and throwing Molotov bombs at the Carabineros? Perfect, they have to end up in jail. The good news is that these stung functional anarchists to the extreme right are a small group that is extremely easy to stop. And the government must do it for one simple reason: ALL THE PEOPLE will be in favor.See the Story
Americas · Chile

If we don't stop crime we'll end up like Mexico: In 48 hours there were TEN homicides

loading... let tdscript = document.createElement ('script'); tdscript.src = ""+window.location.href; document.body.append (tdscript); Fighting crime is not easy. Piñera spent 8 years promising “hard hand” and crime INCREASED under his government. All the evidence shows that the ONLY way to combat crime successfully is through multifactorial proposals in the short, medium and long term.See the Story
Americas · Chile

Gobierno le tiró la cadena al pasquín Interferencia por irresponsable denuncia sin pruebas que hicieron contra la Dipolcar

loading... let tdscript = document.createElement('script'); tdscript.src = ""+window.location.href; document.body.append(tdscript);   Cuando un medio saca una denuncia de este tipo lo hace con pruebas, no diciendo literalmente que "de todas formas es una denuncia muy difícil de comprobar". La denuncia que hizo Interferencia contra la Dipolcar no pasa ni el primer semestre de periodismo.See the Story
Americas · Chile

IT WAS NO: Truckers joined the Codelco Union strike so that Ventanas can continue polluting

Lo volvemos a repetir: ¿Los mineros tienen derecho a irse a paro para defender sus empleos? Por supuesto ¿Tienen derecho a estar enojados con el gobierno por tomar la decisión sin avisarles? Absolutamente. Lo que NO pueden hacer es pedir que Ventanas no se cierre ya que es una chatarra obsoleta que NO TIENE SALVACIÓN ALGUNA. No es viable ni con toda la inversión del mundo y genera pérdidas anuales de 50 millones de dólares.See the Story
Americas · Chile

Octoberism and the Travellers Destroyed Santiago Centro: Since 2019 More Than 700 Stores Have Closed

loading... let tdscript = document.createElement ('script'); tdscript.src = ""+window.location.href; document.body.append (tdscript); Until not long ago, Santiago Centro was the most expensive leasing sector in Chile since all companies wanted to be there.See the Story
Americas · Finland

They show photos of the Santiago Center before Octoberism and it is to cry, we went from being Finland to Syria

Todos los países tienen estallidos sociales, después del nuestro Estados Unidos tuvo uno bastante fuerte donde quemaron comisarías enteras. El problema viene porque Chile es el ÚNICO país donde hubo gente que basó su personalidad en las protestas para llenar su vacío existencial y después 3 años siguen vandalizando el Centro de Santiago.See the Story
Americas · Chile

Lucy Ana Avilés said she “hadn't approved for this”... She was literally the main financier of REJECTION

Let's start from the basis that voting REJECT is as valid as voting I APPROVE. It is perfectly understandable that you did not like the work of the Convention and that you are against the draft they delivered, so far so good. What bothers is the dishonesty of the Right, which instead of transparently embracing the above, they start to lie in a shameless way.See the Story
Americas · Chile

The dumbest right wing in the world: As everyone anticipated, they effectively screwed up with Bachelet's return to the country

One of the big problems we have as a country is that we have the dumbest Right in the world. They don't have long-term goals, they don't have a strategy, they just live entrenched giving the girl fight while all reality happens to them.See the Story
Americas · Chile

PDI warned that Venezuelan criminal gangs use delivery applications to select their victims

Here we have two problems: First, uncontrolled migration has only imported crime, where complete criminal cartels have entered from Venezuela. And second, the informality and lack of transparency that these delivery applications promote, to the point that they are being used by criminals to lease properties, create false companies and select their victims.See the Story

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