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North America · Maryland

US man who got 1st pig heart transplant dies after 2 months

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David Bennett, 57, died Tuesday at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Doctors didn't give an exact cause of death, saying only that his condition had begun deteriorating several days earlier. Bennett, a handyman from Hagerstown, Maryland, was ineligible for a human heart transplant.See the Story
Europe · Kyiv

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the most brazen illegal war waged by one sovereign state against another since World War II. The most widely discussed response to the blatantly illegal war has been an unprecedented cascade of coordinated sanctions. Just days into the war, the chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court announced that he was launching an investigation into possible Russian war crimes.See the Story
Europe · Washington

Top UK court denies Julian Assange permission to appeal US extradition

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U.K. Supreme Court refused appeal by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to prevent his extradition to the United States. CPJ: U.S. prosecution of Assange under the 1917 Espionage Act sets a harmful precedent and undermines investigative reporting globally. If extradited and convicted in the. United States, Assange faces up to 175 years in prison on 18 charges under both the Espionage.See the Story
US & Canada · Austin

Texas judge blocks investigations of trans youth parents

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A Texas state judge on Friday issued a statewide order banning the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services from investigating parents of transgender children for potential child abuse. Travis County District Judge Amy Clark Meachum issued a temporary injunction prohibiting DFPS from following Gov. Greg Abbott's February order.See the Story
Alec Baldwin · New Mexico

Alec Baldwin claims he's not responsible for fatal 'Rust' shooting: docs

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Alec Baldwin says in a legal filing Friday that Halyna Hutchins told him to cock the gun that ultimately fired a live round of ammunition, resulting in her death. Attorneys for Hutchins' family say Baldwin is trying to avoid liability and accountability for his reckless actions before and on Oct 21st.See the Story
Business · Oklahoma

Oklahoma governor signs nation's first ban on nonbinary birth certificates

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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill Tuesday explicitly prohibiting the use of nonbinary gender markers on state birth certificates. The bill followed a flap last year over the Oklahoma State Department of Health's agreement in a civil case allowing a nonbinary option. People who are nonbinary do not identify with traditional male or female gender assignments.See the Story
US & Canada · Jensen Beach

Police Find Body of Missing Florida Woman in Septic Tank Underground

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Cynthia Cole, 57, of Jensen Beach, had been missing since Feb. 24. An overnight dig at the woman's home revealed a body in the tank. Keoki Hilo Demich, 34, was arrested on a charge of second-degree murder.See the Story
US & Canada · El Paso

El Paso planning to declare emergency over immigration surge

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El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego and Mayor Oscar Leeser are getting ready to issue emergency declarations. The orders will allow each entity to solicit money now from the Federal Emergency Management Administration. The U.S. Border Patrol reported 1,500 apprehensions in the El Paso Sector two days ago. Republican governors have sued to stop the end of Title 42.See the Story
"Don't Say Gay" Bill · Washington

6 in 10 Americans oppose laws prohibiting LGBTQ lessons in elementary school: POLL

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A new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds that 62% of Americans oppose such legislation. The results show lopsided disapproval for laws like the one that recently passed in Florida. Republicans are more likely to support legislation that would prohibit classroom lessons about sexual orientation or gender identity in elementary school.See the Story

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