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The Blindspot

A Blindspot TM is a news story that has political undertones and is disproportionately covered by media sources on one side of the political spectrum.

Every day, news outlets make decisions about what to publish.These decisions may be informed by traditional news values, what appeals to the audience and the inherent biases of the people making the decisions.
In polarized media environments, audience demographics can split coverage.This can lead to major discrepancies in how stories are covered, or if they’re covered at all.
Ground News uses patented technology to survey the media landscape so you can see stories beyond your bubble.
Why is it important to check your Blindspots?
01Engage with news on a deeper level.Develop a sophisticated understanding of media bias and manipulation without having to spend all day sifting through news sources.
02Discover stories you might be missing.Challenge your assumptions and beliefs on important issues by reading news outside your media bubble.
03Walk in someone else’s news.Be better equipped to engage in constructive dialogue with those who hold different views by developing a better understanding of their media environment.
Uncovering Blindspots Right in Your InboxSee what's happening at the extremes of news bias and gain perspective on what each side thinks of the issues that matter with the Blindspot Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

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