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US & Canada · Uvalde

Texas shooting: 18 children and teacher killed in primary school shooting

44% Center coverage: 261 sources
Fourteen students and a teacher are dead after a shooting at Robb Elementary School. The 18-year-old suspect, a student at Uvalde High School, is also dead, he said. The suspect also allegedly shot his grandmother before entering the school and again opening fire.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Biden: ‘When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?’

42% Center coverage: 148 sources
Biden speaks from the White House barely an hour after returning from Asia. He pleaded for action to address gun violence after years of failure. He bitterly blamed firearm manufacturers and their supporters for blocking legislation. Biden has previously called for a ban on assault-style weapons, tougher federal background check requirements.See the Story
Military · Pyongyang

North Korea launches three apparent ballistic missiles, a day after Biden departs Asia

46% Center coverage: 91 sources
The launch suggests North Korea is determined to continue its efforts to modernize its arsenal. If confirmed, it would still be North Korea's first test of an ICBM system in about two months. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken held separate calls with South Korea and Japan.See the Story
Europe · London

UK ‘partygate’ report blames culture of Johnson’s office

Coverage: 57 sources
A report into lockdown-breaching U.K. government parties published Wednesday said blame for a “culture” of rule-breaking in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office must rest with those at the top.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Active shooter incidents rose 53 percent last year, FBI says

42% Center coverage: 40 sources
There were 61 active shooter incidents in the United States in which 103 people were killed and 140 others injured, excluding the shooters. On May 14, an 18-year-old mentally disturbed gunman killed ten people and injured three others in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. The next day, a gunman opened fire inside a church in Laguna Woods, California.See the Story
Military · Tehran

Two Iranian pilots killed after F7 jet crashes

56% Right coverage: 16 sources
The aircraft crashed at the Anarak training site near the central city of Isfahan. In February, a fighter jet plunged into a soccer pitch in the country's northwestern city of Tabriz. Iran is believed to have modeled its F-7 fighter after China's jet J-7.See the Story

Texas gunman shared plan on Facebook just before attack, used AR-15 rifle: governor

60% Left coverage: 10 sources
The gunman shot his grandmother in the face before heading to the elementary school. He killed 19 children and two teachers. He used an AR-15 assault rifle to carry out the attack. The gunman shared his plan to attack a school on Facebook approximately 15 minutes before opening fire.See the Story
Donald Trump · Washington

FBI agent testifies he’s under investigation for withholding evidence in Trump-Russia probe

91% Right coverage: 11 sources
FBI agent Curtis Heide testified in court Tuesday that he is currently the subject of an internal investigation into allegations that he withheld key evidence from an application to surveil a figure in the bureau’s probe into former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.See the Story

Biden Advisers Secretly Travel to Saudi Arabia in Effort to Lobby For More Oil – Report

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
The US government’s ongoing pressure campaign for more Saudi oil seems unlikely to meet with success, with the Gulf state’s foreign minister saying yesterday “the kingdom has done what it can” in terms of production.See the Story

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