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Europe · London

Macron calls for ‘new European political community’ that could include Britain

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Annalena Baerbock supports the idea of a reform of the EU to allow Ukraine and other countries to integrate more deeply with the bloc. She stressed that there cannot be any shortcuts on the road to full EU membership. The ball is now in the court of the European Commission, she said.See the Story
Latvia · Latvia

Riga Airport of Latvia to Purchase New Explosives Detection System for Checking Hand Luggage -

Riga Airport of Latvia will purchase a new explosives detection system to control passengers' hand luggage by using financial savings from the European Cohesion Fund. The new X-ray inspection system is expected to be installed by the end of 2023. It will also serve as a simpler and faster process for checking hand luggage.See the Story
New Delhi · New Delhi

Greece Embassy in New Delhi Resolves Schengen Visa Processing Issues -

The Embassy of Greece in New Delhi has announced that it has resolved the Schengen visa processing issues in its Consular Office. All those who wish to travel to Greece for travel or business can now apply for a visa without having to worry about delays. The applications are currently being processed and answered in a period of less than 15 working days.See the Story
Portugal · Portugal

Portugal’s Golden Visa Delays Leave International Investors in Limbo -

A large number of internationals have been stuck in Portugal after the latter's authorities did not permit them to renew their Golden visas. These investors with expired Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI), or Golden visas, are prohibited from entering or leaving Portugal. In May, a total of 112 golden visas were granted in May, of which 93 were for the acquisition of real estate.See the Story

These Are the Last 4 EU Countries Keeping COVID Entry Restrictions in Place for Third Country Nationals -

Most of the European Union/European Economic Area countries have already lifted their entry rules for all travellers. However, there are still four of them that continue to require nationals of third countries to meet COVID-related rules. The list of the EU/EEA countries that still keep Coronavirus entry rules in place is as follows.See the Story

Lithuania’s Asylum Approach Doesn’t Align With EU Law, EU Court Decides -

Lithuanian law allows asylum seekers to be denied the right to international protection and be placed automatically in a detention centre. Court of Justice of the European Union found the decision to detain an asylum seeker after crossing the Lithuanian border as a violation of EU law. The new Lithuanian law was introduced in response to a large number of migrants coming from Belarus last year.See the Story

Post-Brexit Advice: British Citizens, Don't Bring These Foods With You When Travelling to the EU -

Citizens of the United Kingdom are subject to many uncertainties when planning to travel to the European Union countries due to the post-Brexit rules as well as the entry rules imposed by European countries to contain the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants. Travellers from the United Kingdom planning to travel to European […]See the Story

Spain & France Recommend Mask Use Indoors Due to Increased COVID Cases -

The Health Minister of Spain, Carolina Darias, advised a few days ago that all persons start wearing a face mask in indoor public areas. She said that the number of infection cases and hospitalisations in the last couple of weeks had been the highest since February, back when strict restrictions were still in place. The French authorities have said that almost 1,000 patients infected with the virus get admitted each day.See the Story

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