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Herb Carnegie: a beautiful love story with Quebec

CHRONICLE/There will be a little more of Quebec and its capital in the Hockey Hall of Fame next November, when former hockey player Herb Carnegie, who is honoured for his role as a builder in the history of our national sport, is being inducted.See the Story

When speech hits a wall

They had the floor, but an unfortunate accident left them without it. Finding the path of words is an arduous journey for people with aphasia. However, the Granby-Region Association of Aphasic People (APAG) is there to support them, break their isolation and stimulate their communication.See the Story

The Caricature of Côté [RESUMED]

See the Story

10 tips to have fun safely around the pool

Rien de pire qu’un drame autour d’une piscine pour gâcher une fête de famille ou d’enfants. Voici 10 trucs qui vous permettront de garder l’esprit tranquille pendant que vos marmots barbotent.See the Story

The reality of a foreign worker “C and D”

The game is far from being won for immigrants who want to go from “temporary worker” to “permanent colleague” in Quebec.See the Story
Housing · Quebec

Incursion into the heart of a foreign worker's journey

From finding housing to registering with the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), to the operation of a dryer, several foreign worker integration agencies in Quebec have both feet on the ground to help businesses welcome these newcomers. However, while the arrival of this crucial workforce has made several sectors happy, the reality is not always rosy.See the Story

Save a life... at age 16

CHRONICLE/On the table between us, Clara Marcoux draws me with her finger the landing plan she had drawn up, she was on her second glider flight of the day. “I start my approach in the corner here and then I hear on the radio: 'Can anyone hear me? '”See the Story
Quebec · Quebec

Views of women on their involvement in politics

They plunge into the election campaign that will lead to the Quebec elections of October 3. Female candidates from the main parties discuss political commitment, everyday sexism and parity.See the Story

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