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Erdogan · Ankara

Turkey's president says "no" to Sweden and Finland NATO bid

43% Center coverage: 65 sources
Turkey will oppose Sweden and Finland joining NATO, the country's president says. Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells a group of Turkish youths in a video released Thursday. Turkey's approval of Finland and Sweden's application to join the Western military alliance is crucial. Each of its 30 member countries has the power to veto a membership bid.See the Story
Europe · Helsinki

Finland says Russia suspending natural gas supplies

42% Center coverage: 45 sources
Russia will cut off natural gas to Finland after the Nordic country refused President Vladimir Putin's demand to pay in rubles. Finland is the latest country to lose the energy supply, which is used to generate electricity and power industry. Poland and Bulgaria were cut off late last month but were relatively minor customers who had prepared to move away from Russian natural gas.See the Story
Europe · Washington

Biden says Finland and Sweden have 'full, total, complete backing' of US as they seek to join NATO

59% Center coverage: 32 sources
Sweden and Finland submitted their applications to join Nato this week. President Joe Biden called it a "watershed moment in European security". The move by the two Nordic nations has been opposed by Nato ally Turkey. To join the alliance, the two nations need the support of all 30 member states.See the Story
Europe · Washington

NATO enlargement : Biden to meet leaders of Finland, Sweden

65% Center coverage: 31 sources
Sweden and Finland have applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. President Joe Biden hails their applications as "momentous" The U.S. administration has professed optimism for their applications. Turkey has said it remains opposed to the two joining the alliance.See the Story
Europe · Helsinki

Finland brewery launches NATO beer with ‘taste of security’

44% Right coverage: 16 sources
Olaf Brewing's OTAN Olutta is Finnish for "I'll have a beer" The beer references the French variation of NATO, Organisation du trait� de lAtlantique nord. The brewery's location in Savonlinna was bombed by the Soviets during WWII.See the Story
Europe · Washington

US backs NATO bid for Finland, Sweden

42% Center coverage: 12 sources
On Wednesday in Brussels, the governments of Sweden and Finland submitted their applications to become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. Yet a number of think tank and former US officials have expressed skepticism as to whether the decision on the part of the two Nordic countries was either necessary or, given Russia's actions in 2008.See the Story
Europe · Helsinki

No nuclear arms or NATO bases on Finland's soil, PM tells paper

54% Right coverage: 13 sources
Finland does not want NATO to deploy nuclear weapons or set up military bases on its territory. Finland and Sweden formally applied to join the NATO alliance on Wednesday. But they face objections from Turkey to an accession process that was originally expected to be relatively rapid. Turkey accuses the Nordic neighbours of harbouring individuals linked to groups it considers terrorist.See the Story
Erdogan · Ankara

Turkey's Erdogan to speak to Finland as NATO application row simmers

Coverage: 10 sources
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will speak to Finland on Saturday. He will also speak to Britain on Saturday, but did not specify the people he would speak to. Finland and Sweden formally applied to join NATO on Wednesday. Ankara says the Nordic countries harbour people linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party.See the Story
NATO · Helsinki

Finnish brewery launches NATO beer to mark membership application

Coverage: 4 sources
The lager is called Otan olutta - the first word a play on the French variation of the initials of North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Finland and Sweden applied to join NATO on Wednesday. Decision spurred by their alarm over Russia's invasion of another neighbour, Ukraine.See the Story

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