Ground News in the ClassroomGround News has partnered with the Nomadic Professor to develop a course exploring a host of media literacy terms, skills, and concepts. These resources will include explainer videos, vocabulary pages and guided activities for using Ground News in the K-12 classroom.

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Our Current Partners
Our Current Partners

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Ground News is a hands-on tool to help students explore core media literacy concepts

  • Point of View and Bias
  • Lateral Reading & Corroboration
  • Partisanship & Echo Chambers
  • and more
  • About the Nomadic Professor

    Dr. W. Kesler Jackson goes by the name “The Nomadic Professor” on YouTube, where he focuses on history via on-location “mini-lectures” from far-flung locations all over the globe. He’s partnered with seasoned high school teacher Nate Noorlander to incorporate this innovative approach into full-fledged history curricula that take the student far beyond the “names and dates” from the past.

    Nate focuses on helping students develop the full range of literacy skills required to read primary and secondary sources with the discerning eye of trained historians, from evaluating bias, to assessing reliability, to reading in context and weighing sources against each other. These skills are widely transferrable outside of the history classroom, from casual online reading, to hostile social media conversations, to eyebrow-raising campaign speeches, and everything in-between.

    That’s why we’ve partnered with The Nomadic Professor to flesh out the full range of the media literacy skills you and your students can develop on the Ground News platform and beyond.