It’s hard to think of a moment that captures political polarization more tangibly than January 6. A lot of readers discovered Ground News that day as they tried to make sense of what was happening.By threading multiple perspectives from thousands of publications through one platform, Ground News frees people from algorithmic restraints, illuminates Blindspots and makes media bias explicit. As we look back on the events that resulted in a riot on the United States Capitol one year ago, let’s consider the divergent narratives that led to it.
See the story before the story.See the events that created the perfect storm for Jan 6
Left 54%
Center 27%
Right 19%
Left 26%
Center 24%
Right 50%
This month, all Ground readers will have unlimited access to My News Bias. This tool is designed to help people reflect on their news reading habits in an effort to avoid filter bubbles.Who are your top sources? Which way do they lean politically? How factual are they? By the end of the month, you’ll have answers to these questions and more. See My News Bias
At Ground News, our goal is to free up mental space for critical thinking by taking the work out of seeing how the issues and stories of our times are being covered, because it’s our belief that well-informed people will choose to do the right thing.Stay Grounded,Harleen
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