This Ground-Breaking App Verifies Events and Allows You to Beat Fake News


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It seems impossible these days to tell what news is real and what is worth paying attention to. When many people rely on just one news story, they miss the other side of the story and are susceptible to disinformation. What if there could be a better way? If you can relate to this problem, then this is the solution you have been waiting for.

What is it? Ground News.

If you haven’t heard yet, Ground News is a free app for Android and iOS that scours the web with patent-pending AI technology for all of the latest news, then combines the various news outlets with verified news from eyewitnesses right where the events are taking place.

Ground allows you to cut past the bias, and discover the truth.

The best part? Ground allows you to take part and verify information that is happening around you, so you too can be engaged and connected with people and important events as they happen.

It is simple. First, download the Ground News app to your mobile device for free. You will see a map, where you can zoom in to the news that is happening around you or check out the top stories from around the globe. (1).gif

When an event takes place, you have the option of commenting, submitting photos and videos, and truly become a part of the news process all while gaining traction and followers from around the world.

The best part is that your input is verified in real-time and then appears side-by-side right with the mainstream media sources.

With Ground, people just like you truly gain the power long reserved only to big and well-funded news agencies.

In some cases, a news story has not yet been reported on by mainstream media. In those instances, you can beat them to it and truly get the first scoop and tell your stories to the world as they happen.

The community is growing rapidly, and large and small media outlets alike are clambering to get featured on the app. Get ahead of the curve and get involved: whether you want to have your say or simply learn the truth behind what is reported.

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This is a phenomenon that is happening right now, and we want you to be a part.

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