About Rehash

Rehash was created by the team at Ground News. Ground News is a news comparison platform that helps people navigate our complicated media ecosystem by giving them more control over the news they read.Our mobile app, web app and browser extension are used by people from across the political spectrum looking to engage with news beyond their filter bubble, no small feat in an increasingly divided world. You can access our mobile and web app here.Ground News is run by a small team of industry outsiders and is not affiliated with any corporate media/technology companies. Most of the company is owned by the team and the majority of our funding comes from paid subscribers. To learn more about us, visit our mission and about page.For press/other inquiries, contact us at feedback@ground.news
Why we created RehashWe created Rehash to give Twitter users more insight into their reading habits on Twitter. For many people, including elected officials, heads of state, and influential CEOs, Twitter is a critical tool for communication and information consumption. Rehash is intended to highlight how users engage with news articles on the platform and to let people know which stories helped shape their worldview in 2022.How Rehash worksRehash can only access interaction data that is publicly available and it can not read the data of private accounts. These interactions include tweets, retweets, replies, and likes. In order to pull the data, the tool parses through an account's last 3,200 tweets and records interactions with news content from sources in our library of over 50,000 sources. Rehash is meant to be a look back at your year in news on Twitter, so we only use data from 2022 when calculating your results.Newsreader RankingsThe ‘x in the top y% of newsreaders on twitter’ stat is created by comparing the number of news interactions for an account to the number of news interactions for an average Twitter user. Comparing the two figures allows us to assign percentiles based on how their news interaction compares with the average Twitter user. If you are in the top 1% of Twitter newsreaders, that you means you interact with more news articles than 99% of Twitter users. If you are in the top 99% of Twitter newsreaders, that means that 99% of Twitter interacts with more news than you.InterestsTop interests are generated by analyzing the articles you interacted with and then assigning interests based on the content of the story. For example, if you interacted with the article Draft ruling shows Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Rehash would recognize that you are interested in an article about the topics: Women's Rights, Abortion, Health, US Supreme Court, North America & Politics.News Look-A-LikesYour news look-a-like is generated by comparing your top interests, top sources, top locations and newsreader ranking to a set of notable Twitter personalities primarily from the US, UK & Canada.
If you don’t have a news Look-A-Like, it’s either because you don’t interact with enough news for us to match you with a look-a-like, or your news diet is vastly different from all of the notable Twitter personalities in our set of look-a-likes.
News InfluencersYour 3 news influencers are accounts that shared news articles that you engaged with frequently.BlindspotsA blindspot is a story that is disproportionately reported on by news sources on one side of the political spectrum. If you interact with a story that is being overwhelmingly covered by right-leaning sources, that is considered a ‘Blindspot for the Left’, because it is likely that left-leaning people who read their news from sources that align with them politically would not see the story. The same logic applies to ‘Blindspots for the Right’. You can explore more news blindspots on our blindspot feed, or you can download the Ground News App.What the tool does not tell youThe data generated by the tool should not be interpreted as representative of someone’s popularity and influence on Twitter as the x% score reflects how many news articles someone interacts with, not how much attention they generate with their tweets. This is why large accounts can be in the 90th percentile of Twitter newsreaders if they don’t interact with a lot of news articles and why small accounts can be in the 1st percentile if they interact with a lot of news articles.The Look-A-Like feature is designed to pair you with a news influencer who has a Twitter news diet that is similar to yours. However, even if you have a similar news diet, there is a chance that your worldview does not match with your Look-A-Like. For example, you may match with your Look-A-Like because you both read a lot about politics and sports from similar news sources, but you hold conservative political beliefs and cheer for the Yankees, while your Look-A-Like holds liberal beliefs and cheers for the Blue Jays.Limitations of the tool
  • Rehash cannot decipher if an interaction with news content is positive or negative.
  • The results of the tool may be less meaningful for accounts run by a social media team and not the individual who the account is supposed to represent.

I want to change my news diet and expand my perspective in 2022
- Now what?
Awareness - Realize you’re in a bubbleUnless you make a concerted effort to keep social media algorithms guessing, you are likely enveloped in a filter bubble. Whether your algorithmically curated feed leans left or right, you are likely absorbing opinions with mostly one specific ideological bent. Let's change that.Analyze - Examine where your news comes fromTake a deeper look at the news sources that you are consuming. Do they all have a similar underlying narrative? Are most of them owned by one media conglomerate? Corporate biases and political biases have an influence on the news that is reported - and the news that isn’t.Action - Burst your filter bubbleThe best way to burst your filter bubble is to read news from diverse perspectives. If you identify as a liberal, read news from right-leaning publications. If you identify as conservative, read news from left-leaning publications. If you read mostly US-centric news, try reading news from trusted publications. This is far more time-consuming than simply browsing your Twitter or Facebook feed, so we created the Ground News app to make it easier to read the news from a variety of perspectives and get the full picture.
If you prefer to read news on social media, then try following people on social media with views that differ from your own so you can walk a mile in their news and see the world from a different perspective. You can also download our free browser extension to see the underlying coverage bias for any news article you see on Twitter, Reddit & Facebook. It’s an easy way to see which sources are reporting on a story and getting a second opinion on any news article you come across.For further questions about our methodology or other inquiries, reach out to a member of our team at feedback@ground.news