Take charge of your news


See the news you’re not seeing

Quickly triage what to read next based on geographic filters. Search everything from hyperlocal news to global events, and continually adjust your media diet.


Audit your own news

We give you a simple view of who has covered a story and where each outlet falls on the political spectrum. Quickly glimpse the breakdown of coverage across biases and make your own inferences


Watch as stories evolve over time

News changes quickly and cycles are shorter than ever, but at Ground, you can keep track of all the threads. Refresh your memory on stories or just observe the ways news spirals out.


Easily filter news based on your interests

Tailor your news to your life. Go directly to what you’re most invested in.

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A better way to get your news

We can’t change the news, but we can
change how it feels to navigate it. Our platform offers you a simple way to customize and cross-reference your news.

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Subscription service
coming soon

Soon you’ll be able to subscribe to Ground and get unlimited ad-free journalism from the world’s top news sources. We are proud to launch in partnership with the following news outlets:


who we are

In 2017, Ground founders Harleen Kaur and Sukh Singh wanted a simple way to get full-picture news. Out of frustration with a fragmented and misleading industry, these two media outsiders aimed to create a platform for news that was both comprehensive and neutral. The siblings are now joined by a slightly larger team who all believe that given the tools, people are smart enough to filter the news for themselves.


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