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Arctic may switch from snow to rain-dominated as early as 2060

2 months ago·New York, United States
General Summary
New climate models reveal faster and larger increases in Arctic precipitation than previously projected. Reduced snow cover will further exacerbate Arctic and global warming through albedo feedbacks, increased winter carbon dioxide fluxes, methane releases from soil, and thawing permafrost. More rain-than-snow events can be devastating to wild caribou and reindeer populations.
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Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than previously believed

The Ocean began to warm at the end of last century due to a process called Atlantification - where warmer and saltier waters flowed in from the Atlantic.

2 months ago·Los Angeles, United States
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The Guardian

Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds

Climate models show switch will happen decades faster than previously thought, with ‘profound’ implications

2 months ago·London, United Kingdom
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CBC News

Arctic could see more rain than snow in 30 years, study suggests

There could be more rainfall than snow in the Arctic in as little as 30 years because of the world's changing climate, according to a new study that predicts the transition will happen decades earlier than previously anticipated.

2 months ago·Canada
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CTV News

Study suggests Arctic to see more rain than snow earlier than expected

New research suggests rainfall will soon be more common in the Arctic than snowfall.

2 months ago·Toronto, Canada
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Global News

U of M study suggests shift to more rain than snow in the Arctic coming earlier than expected

Watch U of M study suggests shift to more rain than snow in the Arctic coming earlier than expected Video Online, on

2 months ago·Toronto, Canada
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USA Today

The Arctic will soon see more rain than snow. Scientists say it may speed up global warming.

Greenland's summit had rainfall for the first time in recorded history in August. A new study suggest it'll happen much more often by 2100.

2 months ago·United States

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